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The Genesis brand garners much in attention. Deservedly so.

To each model produced, luxury and performance are mated throughout. It's the vehicle to be seen in driving boulevards in Highland Park.

In this, Genesis of Gurnee serves luxury-vehicle shoppers with distinction. Your efforts become our priority toward ensuring total satisfaction in the Genesis experience.

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Directions to Genesis of Gurnee from Highland Park, IL

When it comes to Genesis luxury models onsite, test driven and explored, many Highland Park shoppers have an easy drive to undertake to our local Gurnee-area Genesis dealership.

And once here, you've got whole inventories of new and certified pre-owned Genesis models at your disposal:

  • From Highland Park central, take Route 41 (Skokie Highway) north.
  • At Route 22 (Half Day Road), turn left to proceed on to the Interstate 94 (I-94) interchange.
  • At the interchange, head north on I-94 until the landmark of Six Flags Great America.
  • Take the Grand Avenue exit and head west until the Tri State Parkway intersection.
  • Turn left through the intersection and proceed onto Tri State for an immediate right turn.
  • With turning, you'll be at our Genesis luxury dealership - 6251 Grand Avenue.

Benefits Shopping with Genesis of Gurnee

It takes a prideful dealership a certain degree of professionalism to represent the Genesis brand near Highland Park.

Without such an attribute, we would remain just another dealer playing host to inferior models perhaps.

As well, the Genesis brand understands the various details that underpin transparency. From corporate headquarters and assembly line on to Genesis of Gurnee, there's a direct conduit of expertise and quality befitting the brand.

Given our reach into Highland Park, on display are new Genesis luxury vehicles equipped and modeled for discerning tastes.

New Genesis Luxury Models Onsite

There's something to the Genesis marque that's unique and tailored.

With the models delivered to market near Highland Park, nothing is complicated or overwhelming. This stems directly from a new Genesis lineup scaled and modest. Your select desires may be exercised in an efficient manner, without too much to explore and digest.

Found below are new Genesis models on-hand and easily navigated for a well-informed decision made:

  • Genesis G70 sedans are offered with three powertrain choices for at least 252 hp emitted and 21 mpg secured within Highland Park.
  • Genesis G80 sedans lend state-of-art technology tinged by intuitive features in both convenience and safety.
  • Genesis Electrified G80 delivers an all-electric range topping 282-miles while producing 365 hp given dual-motor all-wheel drive.
  • Genesis G90 sedans harbor an interior space of quilted leather seating. and dynamic design elements to center console and dashboard.
  • Genesis GV60 SUVs lend a fuel-free range of 248-miles from an overnight charge at home in Highland Park.
  • Genesis GV70 earns 28 mpg on Interstate 94, with 22 mpg seized within Gurnee proper in part due to 300 hp generated.
  • Genesis Electrified GV70 offers a modernistic appeal to the interior space with clean lines when spanning 236-miles in emissions-free ranging.
  • Genesis GV80 gives the feel of retrospection to a classically designed cockpit, and exterior lines evoking an athlete's natural elegance.
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Genesis Service & Repairs near Highland Park, IL

Important it is when serving Highland Park drivers that Genesis maintenance and repairs are conducted under brand protocols. To this is the inherent knowledge of when and what to perform given our factory-trained technicians and suggested maintenance dates.

For any vehicle need, rest assured your prized Genesis model will be returned to you enhanced and revitalized. There's also the convenience of scheduling Genesis service dates online.

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Visit our local Gurnee-area Genesis dealership for your hands-on exploration of each new Genesis model onsite.

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